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free as in 'i want to fuck you'



Zerodhero: Tara Reid info


albo: former husband and wife


albo: he just got 2 million $ to further develop an os gui. python and sdl. neatalicious
Rovar: Next he should raise a few hundred grand to buy a server that can handle a rogering from a couple million slashdotters.
simmo: It zoomed in then wouldn't zoom any more .. in or out?!~


Zerodhero: Apple in league with the devil? BSD? And other such horrors!
Rovar: "Apple Computers promote Godless Darwinism and Communism." Communism? HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MUCH THEY CHARGE FOR THESE THINGS!?!


albo: dont let the cuteness fool you. sorry for posting this
simmo: clippy.gov?

Today, Some Lists

Light-weight Reliable Multicast Protocol

kp: The Light-weight Reliable Multicast Protocol (LRMP) is intended to offer reliable and source ordered data delivery service for group communications. It was designed to work in heterogeneous network environments and support multiple data senders.

Bill Gates continues commitment to helping underprivileged babies

Zerodhero: Microsoft tries its hand at something new

Interview with the author of _Collapse_

ruchira: Toward the end of "Collapse" you describe two crucial factors for determining whether or not a civilization will survive, and one of them is whether there's a willingness to discard unhelpful values.


Zerodhero: Open solaris almost up and ready to go
Mutiny: Too little, too late.

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