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gmail back || hope the money tastes nice

Welcome to Italy! Please lay down so we can smack the hell out of you.

coderman: "the raid was so ferocious that, as photographs taken afterwards show, it left walls and radiators in the school spattered with the blood of the victims." - YEAH BABY, this is how we do it!
coderman: "One of several gaps in Italy's laws and regulations exposed by events surrounding the G8 protests is the lack of a statutory ban on torture. So, as torture is not a crime in Italy, if the staff at Bolzaneto are shown to have been torturers, it would not be grounds for prosecution." - LOL!
seti: That "LOL" is due to "It's funny because it's true," right? ... Right?
coderman: the officer who grabbed him said, in English: "You are Black Bloc. We are going to kill Black Bloc.". - hah, I wonder if seattle is watching. <SPD> w00t! Kick some ass Italy!!
coderman: "By far the biggest single obstacle to the identification of those who carried out the beatings is that they were all masked and none of them carried a name or number on their uniforms."
coderman: that fact alone will probably be the biggest reason they all escape prosecution.
coderman: or at least, any kind of meaningful punishment for their crimes.
seti: some US police corps were known to take off the name badges on their uniforms just prior to assaults, then later dishing out "somebody must've ripped it off while attacking me!" as excuse.
coderman: this case is going nowehre, mark my words. monetary compensation, sure. some reforms of the Italian police, probably. but arrest and incarceration for any of the police force? not a chance. i'd bet good money against it.

Unofficial guide for running eXeem under Linux!

U.S. Checking Reported $300 Million Iraqi Cash Move from Central Bank

coderman: " The New York Times, which reported the incident on Saturday, cited unidentified Iraqi officials as saying the cash had been used to buy tanks and other arms from international dealers in a rush to put together an armored division for the fledgling Iraqi army."
coderman: who do you talk to when buying 300 million dollars worth of tanks and crap?
coderman: " Iraqi Defense Minister Hazim al-Shaalan and Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi have traded charges regarding the cash transfer, with Chalabi accusing Shaalan of sending the cash abroad without cabinet authorization, and Shaalan threatening Chalabi with extradition to Jordan, where he is wanted in connection with the collapse of Petra Bank." - now this is starting to sound like democracy! w00t

Mystery compound in beer fights cancer

coderman: OHGMy ghawd!!!3 IF eeel soo much healtheirt alREADY!!#$

Bunny suicides!

Tonus: Or buy the book.

Lord of the Rings .. really really short edition

50 Most Loathsome People of 2004

seti: really funny

Solving the Enigma of Kryptos

The Phone is Off... Would you like to turn it on?

seti: no wonder some people give up on technology

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