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<GabeW> ... I never fed him (my son) blood

An Act of State

aminorex: 2003 book by Wm. F. Pepper on the executive execution of MLK Jr.

Wm F. Pepper (King family attorney) comments on the trial

"Such a charge guarantees almost insuperable obstacles to its being argued in a court within the United States."

aminorex: Jim Douglas, Probe magazine article on the trial

Expanded detail on the trentadue case

coderman: "Hatch concluded by ordering Reno to get back to the committee with some answers I thirty days. In September, when we spoke, the senator had not "heard anything since. I've never experienced anything like this since I became chairman. The least you can say about this case is that the investigation has been terribly bungled. I hope people in the Justice Department are not trying to cover up the actions of some of these people, but it doesn't look good
coderman: "A few days after the April briefing, a response came from Reno's office that no one had expected. An aide in Hatch's office took a call from senior Justice Department official."
coderman: "What will it take for this case to go away?" the official asked.
coderman: " The aide replied decisively, "People in prison."
coderman: We're going to see that justice is done," Macy told me. "The government needs to learn that when something is embarrassing, you don't try to hide it. You bring it out. It's the reason why we have the antigovernment movement in the United States." - TIME TO BURN IT DOWN MOTHERFUCKERS
coderman: just kidding. ... is that a blue suburban in the driveway?

Web cred

coderman: money sucks.
coderman: that is the lesson. if you take money, it sucks something from you. sometimes it is credibility. sometimes it is objectivity. sometimes it is a big fat stack of bills and some man juice.

Interesting details on the film manipulation done by the FBI to cover up the crime

coderman: ""What someone obviously has done is this: they had the two rolls of film all along. And I would guess that there is surely something on one or both of those rolls they don't want anyone to see. So, they simply used a common computer tool, a 'negative scanner,' to import the negative images into a graphics program."
coderman: "Once they have scanned in the images they can electronically reassemble them into any sequence they want to. The original sequence of pictures can be shuffled just like a deck of cards. Picture number one can become number eight, and so on. The images can also be electronically altered, special effects filters used, and information added or subtracted."
coderman: "Once the original negative is scanned in, the sky's the limit with a skilled operator, and there are a bunch out there. But whoever did this job got into trouble when the 'reassembled' the faked roll and forgot to take into consideration the incredible documentation that exists on paper about who took which pictures and when they took them."
coderman: ""After they had the fake roll assembled they merely issued a command to 'print' the images to a new roll of film. There are printers that you can hook to your computer, even at home, and create a whole new roll of film. The printer created a 'perfect' roll of film that was conventionally processed using what is known as a 'C-41' process."
coderman: "Government lawyers also produced the faked negatives for copying onto CD-ROM's. The analyst said that there are tell-tale "artifacts" on the digital imagery that further confirms the negatives are "second generation," but would not offer specific details on the methodology used to identify the fake photos."

The mysterious death of Kenneth Trentadue

coderman: "The body of Kenneth Trentadue lay in a coffin in an Orange County, Calif., funeral home. His family had been told by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons earlier that week that the man hanged himself with a bed sheet on Aug. 21, 1995, while in federal custody at the Federal Transfer Center (FTC) in Oklahoma City. But Trentadue's family members who viewed his corpse-his wife, mother and sister-doubted the story."
coderman: "It struck the women as odd. After all, the prison had gone to the trouble of putting Kenneth in a suit and applying makeup to his face-departing from the no-frills way the BOP typically releases dead inmates to their families-but had not bothered to mask his slashed throat."
coderman: "Trentadue's sister, Donna Sweeney, clutched a camera she had brought with her. Taking a deep breath, she directed an attendant to strip Kenneth's body and scrub the heavy makeup from his face."
coderman: "What the women saw shocked and disgusted them. Kenneth's head bore three massive wounds, two of which had ruptured the flesh to expose the skull. Below his left arm were fingerprint marks suggesting he had been propped up and held by someone else. Patches of skin had been ripped from his back. Bruises and welts lined the entire body, from his eyelids to the soles of his feet."

Grokster Gets a Date With Supreme Court

coderman: "The U.S. Supreme Court has set March 29 as the date for oral arguments on whether companies providing peer-to-peer file-trading software should be held responsible for copyright infringement committed by users of their products."
coderman: don't make me push the button on april fools, you fools.

Antworks (by NASA)


coderman: "the tipster who told federal officials about the alleged conspiracy may have fabricated the story out of revenge... The tipster claimed four of the Chinese two men and two women entered the United States from Mexico and were awaiting a shipment of "nuclear oxide" that would follow them to Boston."
coderman: if you are going to scare us with dirty bomb threats, at least make it interesting. like a critical reflected plutonium nitrate solutions
seti: nuclear oxide... pfff give me a break


Baby Vampire Bat

deltab: Is your ink cartridge refill tested on animals?
burtonator: vampire animals!

Homeland Security Operations Briefs

coderman: the number of suspicious surviellance of critical infrastructure reports is weird.
coderman: "WARNING: This document is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. It contains information that may be exempt from public release under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552). This document is to be controlled, handled, transmitted, distributed, and disposed of in accordance with DHS policy relating to FOUO information and is not to be released to the public or other personnel who do not have a valid need-to-know without prior approval of the Homeland Security
coderman: "Note: This incident illustrates the potential threat of social engineering to elicit critical infrastructure information in innocuous and incremental ways." - heh.
coderman: middle eastern men and sultry, tech savy chics are to be feared!

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