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Chomsky Torrents

coderman: "The purpose of this site is to enhance the distribution of non-copyrighted video and audio material of American dissident Noam Chomsky's talks and interviews, using Bittorrent peer2peer technology."
coderman: most of these torrents appear to be well seeded.

"For Sale: Absolutely nothing"

rik: at the time of writing, the bid is 12,322 GBP

Saddam Hussein tells the truth whereas George W. lies.


Zerodhero: Which O.S. Are you?
Zerodhero: I am SLACKWARE!
Zerodhero: Favorite input device: Sausage of Power!


kp: Microsoft's AntiSpyware Tool Removes Internet Explorer

The New VFS Model in Dragonfly BSD

coderman: "Fixing the VFS subsystem is probably the single largest piece of work we will be doing. VFS has two serious issues which will require a lot of reworking. First, the current VFS API uses a massive reentrancy model all the way to its core and we want to try to fit it into a threaded messaging API. "
coderman: "Second, the current VFS API has one of the single most complex interfaces in the system... VOP_LOOKUP and friends, which resolve file paths. Fixing VFS involves two major pieces of work."
coderman: for my feedbackfs this is required to support different filesystem context on a per user / per application / etc basis. Doing this in the linux VFS (via fuse, an NFS interface, or other) requires ugly hacking into process management (fork/exec) and more ugly hacking into VFS state shared between all processes (and thus, what needs to be customized per instance)
coderman: plan9 is highly recommended for this type of VFS hackery (thanks eeeeeee, choric)

US right attacks SpongeBob video

Escaping the universe

Clothing label


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