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Khatami: Iran Prepared to Defend Itself

coderman: "The possibility of a U.S. attack against Iran is very low. We think America is not in a position to take a lunatic action of attacking Iran," Khatami said. "The U.S. is deeply engaged in Iraq."
coderman: something tells me this will be an interesting year.
coderman: maybe war with iran will fire up the draft?

Driver in grisly suicide

coderman: "A suicidal New Jersey man set a new standard for self-inflicted brutality when he decapitated himself by driving away from a light post with a rope tied around his neck."

new paul graham

seti: "I'm not saying there's no such thing as genius. But if you're trying to choose between two theories and one gives you an excuse for being lazy, the other one is probably right."


Zerodhero: Big fun, small package!

Army to hackers! Let the sleeping giant lie, or we will kick your fucking asses you little pukes!

kp: I play america's army... fun game

How's *that* for a pretty waste of resources?

Israel to act first against Iran?

coderman: like they did blowing up the Iraqi reactor prior to going live?
coderman: "Given the fact that Iran has a stated policy that their objective is the destruction of Israel, the Israelis might well decide to act first and let the rest of the world worry about cleaning up the diplomatic mess afterwards"



simmo: shitloads


Zerodhero: New X files movie
Zerodhero: Guess the aliens finally let Mulder go long enough make this
simmo: yeah right .. mulder is the alien, don't you get it?

"Evil Twin" hotspots

seti: only twins? I guess they haven't seen Janus roar its 53,000 parallel SSID broadcast heads yet.

The Mac mini: Comparing Apples and Oranges

seti: (yes you can upgrade the memory yourself without voiding the warranty, contrary to previous reports on this august forum)
simmo: $100 + CDburning + FireWire 400 + OSX + wireless + 9mths warranty = +1GHz + MS + viruses + keyboard/mouse/monitor
simmo: http://www.stein-stoessen.de/flops.html for proof that celeron GHz and G4 GHz are about the same
simmo: ... adn now for the argument

Get up and get onboard

simmo: German car salesman kidnapped in Europe, beaten and flown to a US-controlled jail in Afghanistan
simmo: where he was forced to grow a beard
simmo: I kid you not
coderman: and shout "Allah Akbar" with an AK-47 in hand
coderman: <rumsfeld> i told you we should just execute them all; damnit
simmo: 'We have to say you are a member of al-Qaida ... then we'll put you on a plane and take you back to Germany.'

Discover How Your Beef is Really Raised

coderman: im nota vegetarian... but this certainly edges me more in that direction.
simmo: The Upton Sinclair book The jungle, mentioned in link above
simmo: other reasons to be careful about meat you eat
simmo: "A growing body of research suggests that many of the health problems associated with eating beef are really problems with cornfed beef."
simmo: "Feather meal is an accepted cattle feed, as are pig and fish protein and chicken Feather meal is an accepted cattle feed, as are pig and fish protein and chicken manure."manure.
simmo: "Some public-health advocates worry that since the bovine meat and bone meal that cows used to eat is now being fed to chickens, pigs and fish, infectious prions could find their way back into cattle when they eat the protein of the animals that have been eating them."
simmo: aka what goes around, comes around

The True Story of John/Joan

coderman: this is just sad and disturbing...
simmo: see also
coderman: where MAD refers to "mad as a hatter", as in "totally batfuck crazy from mercury in the brain"
simmo: good history of hormone use in meat production => cancer as well
simmo: "No regulatory monitoring of these hormones is possible" == eat reputable organic meats, or better yet, game meats
simmo: "In response to concern about cases of early puberty in Puerto Rico described below, a large number of meat samples were tested for hormone residues in the mid- to late 1980s. No zeranol or DES residues were found in the meat samples in this survey." see?
simmo: My work here is done, it is time for me to leave this planet.
simmo: "Early puberty in girls has been found to be associated with a higher risk for breast cancer."
simmo: possible solution: move to europe
silentfury_: "Living has been found to be associated with a higher risk for cancer. Physicians recommend terminating life as soon as possible to avoid being diagnosed."
simmo: substituting 'soy protein' won't help either


coderman: why? why not!?!
simmo: Is this USB2?
coderman: yes. RDX not included.

FBI Launches Manhunt Amid Boston Threat Report

coderman: "Information was received by federal law enforcement in Boston today originating from an unknown and uncorroborated source regarding an unspecified potential threat" - THANKS, THAT CLEARS IT UP


Zerodhero: Left nut for sale

Jackit baby!

coderman: will this be the year of 1.0?? maybe?? AWWW YEAH
seti: features xmms output plugin, and mplayer support

Here is your ef'ing mixer!

seti: "jack" (a spinoff from ardour) is good for realtime multiplexing, according to est

linux sound

coderman: everyone loves 20 mixer settings, for cryptic devices and untold inputs.
coderman: everyone loves the default muted / zero output level that all the drivers initialize with.

Monday, January 24th worst day of the year: Scientists

eeeeeee: take special care!
coderman: sweet, one day before my birthday
coderman: i think that explains a lot.

I will love you forever...

coderman: "... So long as the sex maintains its current level."
coderman: "In the early 1940's, Japan learned an important lesson " "let the sleeping giant lie." We may not react swiftly, but when we do it's with unstoppable force. The Army has partners that deal with cyber crime as a matter of course. These include not just various Army IT departments, but also the Department of Justice, the Secret Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations." - w0rd. suckadick asshat

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