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Winter-een-mas is nearly upon us!


Zerodhero: Woman rips off testicles with bare hands
Zerodhero: Still in pain from reading it
coderman: we need to teach women this technique against rapists. preferably followed by a fist punch with keys to the eyeballs
rik: she ripped it off his body with her bare hands, becuse he refused to have sex with her. Moral: always accept sex when offered?
Zerodhero: OH GOD THE PAIN!
coderman: "“I believe Danny walked out shortly afterwards. He came into the kitchen and said to me, ’That’s yours’, and I saw that he was holding one of my testicles in his hand."
Zerodhero: DUDE! Found your nut on the lawn, figured you wanted back!

Wrestler Chyna

uid0: NSFW (but look anyway)


Zerodhero: SPock boobies, mmmm

Jailed for a song...

coderman: "Skipping commercials is stealing. You don't have the right to back up your DVDs. File traders should be put in jail. The government should spend millions to track them down. You got a problem with that?"
simmo: "coderman finally got it .. ta-da!" ;)

One step closer to a global biometric ID card


An Indexing Scheme for RDF and RDF Schema based on Suffix Arrays

simmo: Wtf is this doing here? This looks like it might be on-topic

Google Unveils "mini" Search Product for Small Businesses

coderman: mini is the new black!

No more mandatory sentences for the feds

coderman: "In a major criminal law decision, a closely divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that federal judges no longer must follow the long-criticized sentencing guidelines in effect since 1987."
coderman: i wish i could see ashcruft right now. he's probably swearing up a storm and turning all red and veiny
coderman: Alberto Gonzales is probably totally disappointed.

The People Who Owned the Bible - a story

coderman: "But Disney had picked up the rights to the Epic of Gilgamesh, which looked like a great vehicle for Jim Carrey, so they made a counteroffer." - heheheh

The man with the gag: witnessing a forced deportation

simmo: "counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor"

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