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Best Paper EVAR (read links in first post)

uid0: "Oedipus snorted two lines of coke off his dead dad."
uid0: "This is page 3."
uid0: "The greeks invented anal lube. [picture of anal lube] This is my conclusion. THE END."

Composable memory transactions

Gmail Pwned

KragenSitaker: This is what happens when you write security-critical software in a non-pointer-safe language
uid0: Great. I didn't get enough spam of my own. Now I can read everyone else's too!


Protesters Plan to Mark Bush Inauguration

coderman: " In a separate event, black-clad anarchists will wave puppets and beat drums to protest capitalism and organized government" -- this is the best we got? what happened to anarchy? has it become so domesticated and diluted as to resort to WAVING PUPPETS as a sign of resistance? mwahahaa.. oh shit, that not funny, it's just sad.

Trade Gap Hits Record as Exports Drop

coderman: lets take bets on when US loses reserve currency status
coderman: and we can also bet on depth of the great depression that will follow such an event. w00t.
coderman: " "A big issue here is the fact that the American economy ... (is) growing faster than our trading partners," -- uhhh, you mean we are PRINTING MONEY LIKE MAD and creating MASSIVE INFLATIONARY PRESSURE?

Practical Multi-Word Compare-And-Swap

My Favorite Martian

coderman: UNCLE MARTIN is my second favorite uncle. right behind UNCLE SID

Ignore This Entry


Another mention of Constance Plank by Tom Galloway

ruchira_: Where she is now: http://www.harker.com/people/constance.html


ruchira_: think that's a different one though

Astronomers have shown how the present pattern of galaxies in the cosmos grew from tiny fluctuations in the density of matter just after the Big Bang

coderman: m-theory says it might not be a big bang, but a big fractal implosion. we are living inside plank space! @_o

Hack Gmail

Hacker penetrates T-Mobile systems, monitors Secret Service agents, spies on celebrities

coderman: now this is my kind of hack! sounds like he is gonna sing. YOU FUCKIN' RAT
coderman: actually, i dont care. let them all devour each others.

Iraqi Victim Says U.S. Torture Worse Than Saddam

coderman: we show em how it's done!
coderman: whoever says american ingenuity is dead simply isn't paying attention.


Zerodhero: Internals Of Mac Mini
Zerodhero: Uses standard desktop ram
Zerodhero: figured it would have used sodimm

Groklaw: IBM Gives FOSS Free Access to 500 Patents - Rethinks IP Management

simmo: "first of several such steps"
simmo: "Oh my. They got it. Ta-Da!!"

Python is evil!

Tonus: python.org = = 194 + 109 + 137 + 226 = 666 !!!11

MI6 dis-information programs

coderman: <BushCheney> hey.. that's a cool trick! we should try that!

Pilger: The Other, Man-made Tsunami

simmo: "Blair government's current "generous" contribution is .. barely one twentieth of a billion pound gift, known as a "soft loan", to the Indonesian military so that it could acquire Hawk fighter-bombers."
simmo: Of course in right wing terms, that just makes us more generous
simmo: right wing pundits, "The Indonesian military, responsible for genocide in East Timor, has killed more than 20,000 civilians and 'insurgents' in Aceh.'"
simmo: Now get this: UNICEF: malnutrition among Iraqi children doubled under the occupation
simmo: Beyond what it was under Saddam under sanctions
simmo: You call this liberation?

Warning: Reality does not use a joystick.


Zerodhero: One person, all for seti
Zerodhero: Hate to have his AC bill
coderman: this blows my personal record of 0.45 out of the water!
coderman: or was it 0.54. in any case, it sucked, and left me in ER for 18 hours and another day of observation. how the fuck was this guy even conscious?
coderman: crap
simmo: OMFG It's the same chair!



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