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The war on sharing certain numbers (digital rights management) is like the war on drugs: completely ineffective and designed to ruin large numbers of lives

Legislative Sentry: HB1677 - Have Miscarriage, Go to Jail?

coderman: AWW YEAH. this is almost as good as the guy who got 4 months for murdering his wife, but 15 years for injuring her boyfriend
seti: Further evidence that reality has given up on God.
coderman: i can't wait for bush to use some electoral capitol on a mandate to REVOKE BIRTH CONTROL
coderman: ... cause god didn't want women having control over their own bodies or he would have made them men!
coderman: ok, i quit now before the anurism strikes
seti: <Fawn> in that case I suggest Bush bends over while I grab my strap-on


Zerodhero: New Legend Of Zelda game for the Game Cube
Zerodhero: Yummy

Proof that smoking cannabis can make you psychotic

Zerodhero: Guess a lot of people in this channel are screwed, in a bad way
coderman: "the association between smoking cannabis and the development of psychosis is much stronger if the smoker already has the type of personality that is associated with a predisposition to psychotic disease." - anyone in your family psycho? dont smoke the ganja.
coderman: .. HEEHEHEHE HHAHAHAHA .. KEKEKEKE .. you sAy cRaZy lIkE ItS a b4d T7inG!!!
Zerodhero: I be unsane, not insane
seti: o/~ There is an area of the mind... o/~




Zerodhero: Hollywood video has agreed to buy out

"Hipster PDA" indeed.


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