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This channel needs the paddles quick! It's not gonna make it much longer!

Greenspan sustains nose

Which f*cking troll designed CSS?

simmo: Case 1: margin and padding are not included in width attribute but must be accounted for seperately
simmo: never mind that you also have to manually account for the space the border may take up


Tonus: Okay, okay, just click here and see the other 1950 cams out there.
Tonus: Even more online devices.


simmo: Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

BayTSP Launches New Service That Identifies First Uploads To eDonkey, BitTorrent P2P File-Sharing Networks

simmo: Is this for pirates, or cops?

Intellectual Property Protection and Courts Amendments Act of 2004

simmo: "Search results are only retained for a limited amount of time.Your search results have either been deleted..."

USA 2004 financial report

eeeeeee: page 11 is the best..note the difference between the combined amounts balance for 2003 and 2004
eeeeeee: that difference equals 2004 US GDP

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