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support our troops: frag a lieutenant today

Supermodel Petra Nemcovas survives tsunami in tree

coderman: i'm tempted to play the "relative values of human life" game, but alas it is too depressing. ... and there are photos with this article. yes... lots of shiny photos...
kp: the fate of her boyfriend, photographer Simon Atlee, is unknown. He is listed as missing, according to his agent. At least she made it.

Fast moving phone viruses appear

rik: however, you have the be dumb as a fucking plank to actually get the virus
rik: "The risk of being infected by Cabir is low because users must give the malicious program permission to download on to their handset and then must manually install it."


lemonodor: mysterious ELF signals


Zerodhero: Animia-Con Costumes

The Shadow Internet

coderman: ""Everyone thought it would get bootlegged in Europe." Instead, the hacker gave the source code to Frank - it turned out that he was a friend of a friend - so that Frank could give Half-Life 2 to the world. "I was like, 'Let's do this thing, yo!'"
coderman: bwahaha
coderman: In April, federal agents interrogated Frank and impounded all his computer equipment. So far, no charges have been filed. "But the Feds had no idea about Half-Life," he boasts. "I was never connected to that shit. If they found out, I'd be in jail." -- OH YEAH, SMART COOKIE
Zerodhero: And this shocks anybody how?


Zerodhero: mmm, $500 mac
cryptomail: Headless....where's my WYSE


aminorex: PDF: The real financial report of the U.S. treasury (sans black budget)
aminorex: as opposed to the budget numbers, this shows the 615 gigabuck deficit this year
aminorex: that's about 7 kilobucks per household per year deeper in debt

bloated tsunami corpses clogging a beach



Zerodhero: Get them for less, buy used ;)


eeeeeee: this may confuse people into thinking we've got guaranteed warning of objects that big
eeeeeee: in fact, "they" say that only 90 percent of potential civilization killers will be found by 2008
eeeeeee: http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/mystery_monday_040412.html

The Homeland Security interpretive dance (in photos)

silentfury: warning not work-safe
Zerodhero: Thnx
Zerodhero: warning not work-safe
look: wtf



coderman: "For the upcoming second inauguration of President Bush, this presents a survey of presidential protection, assassinations and attempts, at inauguration platforms, White House and its underground bunkers, the Oval Office and presidential retreats, limousines and motorcades, Air Force 1 and Helicopter 1, yacht and fishing boats, golf courses, campaign trails, running and bicycling tracks, world travels and related protection personnel and systems."
coderman: damn, it's still up. i thought for sure they would hassle him over this one... ;)
coderman: apparently the secret service loves H&K equipment. and wireless. drool over RF Suburban of DOOM

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