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Jungle boogie! Get down! get down!





cryptomail: for real fun, dial port 25 and whip out the smtp rfc :)


Zerodhero: Top 100 Old School Toys
Zerodhero: #81 Merlin :0

I can't use my Logitech Quickcam Orbit in Linux because the Linux Kernel Maintainers are a bunch of cocksuckers.

coderman: this shit happens all the time. binary only HAL for atheros, video card drivers. cmon, what did you expect?
coderman: you either patch the shit yourself or write to an API that lets you load third party binary modules as you please (DRI?)
coderman: i'd rather see him rant agaisnt stupid shit like non disclosure and software patents and other such crap.
coderman: but yeah, kernel maintainers are dick heads. the best ones always are.



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