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Retarded Burgerking http://www.nata2.info/humor/flash/burgerking.swf (globalization is painful)

No sex please, just groaning

wmf: as they say, you can add "... in Japan" to any activity and it sounds plausible
wmf: e.g. people add their own soundtracks to porn... in Japan
coderman: If, like the enthusiastic amateurs I met in downtown Edinburgh, you’re overcome by the need to grunt the language of love in front of an audience of strangers, you can choose your favourite scenario from a “menu” including Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl and the intriguing Downtown Cockerel."

New Iraqi prisoner abuse allegations surface

coderman: "American soldiers tortured Iraqi prisoners by strangling them, beating them and placing lit cigarettes in their ears, even after the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal came to light in April 2004" -- LIT CIGS IN THE EAR??/ FUUUCK
Zerodhero: And yet it is ok for them to behead their hostages?
coderman: dude, if there was ever a way to extract information from a prisoner, i think a long, phat, RED HOT cherry right into the ear canal would be a good way to do it. i mean, shiiiit that's gotta hurt!
cryptomail: it is a meme obtained from general Khan's handbook. The general employed a trilobyte type creature though.


cryptomail: let's set up an electronic vault service as part of an e-mausoleum
Zerodhero: Damn good of yahoo! No one needs to know about the secrets I held in life, just because I am dead.
cryptomail: they're stealing my 90's ideas http://slashdot.org/articles/04/12/21/211206.shtml?tid=172&tid=1

Now _THIS_ is how you rob a fuckin' bank!

coderman: "Thieves stole more than $39 million from a Belfast bank in the biggest robbery in Northern Ireland history after holding family members of two bank officials hostage for a day in their homes, authorities said Tuesday."
Zerodhero: That takes some balls right there!

geneva conventions: more harm than good?

coderman: waging "ethical" warfare is a fallacy; if we are forced into armed conflict it should be as brutal and effective as possible.
coderman: sanitizing warfare only leads to legitimizing mass murder and does more harm than good
coderman: (and it's not like anyone really adheres to them anyway; the US has repeatedly stated that it is not bound by their constraints)


Zerodhero: Merry X-Mas all


Zerodhero: Now you can buy software, open it and return it. Finally!!!
wmf: arrrrr!
coderman: all this means is they will put some obnoxious legal paperwork on the front which you have to sign prior to purchase.
Zerodhero: Can't make you agree to it that way, though, Best Buy will try.
coderman: actually, i dont know what it means, but i do know they will figure out a way around returns.
Zerodhero: Best Buy is the worst buy, I decree a protest on thee!

Run a company in some backassward bannana republic like India, get charged for a crime over merchandise you pulled as soon as you were aware of it. without bail.

coderman: ok, so india isn't a bannana republic, but that is still about as fucking retarded a decision as you find in some po dunk 3rd world country.
coderman: can i get a FUCK THE INDIAN POLICE? FUCK THA POLICE!!!


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