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Scholar Norman Finkelstein Calls Professor Alan Dershowitz's New Book On Israel a "Hoax"

coderman: "I appreciate Alan Dershowitz's seriousness at least in these remarks. I have no intention whatsoever of getting involved in an ad hominem debate with Mr. Dershowitz. I'm interested in the facts."
coderman: "I read the book very carefully. I did what someone serious does with a book. I read the text, I went through the footnotes. I went through it very carefully. There's only one conclusion one can reach having read the book."
coderman: "This is a scholarly judgment, not an ad homonym. Mr. Dershowitz has concocted a fraud. In fact Mr. Dershowitz has concocted a fraud which amazingly in large parts, he plagiarized from another fraud. I found that pretty shocking, shocking coming from a Harvard professor."
coderman: <ALAN DERSHOWITZ> We have to cut off I just want to warn everybody here that although I'm not a litigious person when you make allegations . . .
coderman: hehehehe... YOU GOT CALLED OUT YOU LYING FUCK

Get RMS's Voice on Your Answering Machine

coderman: "For every three new members who name you as their inspiration for joining, your choice of FSF founder and president Richard Stallman or FSF counsel and scholar Eben Moglen will record a personalized greeting ready for use on your answering machine.
coderman: "After we agree on the text for the message, Stallman or Moglen will record it in a free digital format that you can play as a whole on your preferred media" - they seem to be covering some asses here. like no suspicious texts you could cut and mix into something nasty


eeeeeee_: erm, main page at [http://store.robotspeakstore.com/minvoyaned.html

Passport Privacy Protection? Nope

Python Idioms and Efficiency

Mutiny: A 15 minute read that'll make your python programs faster and easier to read
deltab: If you can use the recently-released Python 2.4 you can even improve on these:
deltab: Instead of "list.sort(); list.reverse()" you can now do "list.sort(reverse=True)"
deltab: int conversion can deal with any length now (as could 2.3), so no need to check for OverflowError
deltab: To find the items in common between two lists, you can convert them to sets and get their intersection: set(list1) & set(list2)
deltab: DSU is now built in! Define a function to get the keys to sort by, or use the new operator.attrgetter or operator.itemgetter
deltab: def get_keys(item): return (i.count, i.name)
deltab: sorted_list = sorted(items, key=get_keys)
deltab: Read about the new features in What's New in Python 2.4

Driving Virgin Mary


Zerodhero: Greatest saying on a panty, ever!
coderman: oh man, this is great. i'm totally buying one. if they come in a g-string


Zerodhero: Awesome Shirt

The Dark Side of Google

coderman: so use tor you paranoid party pooper! ;)


Zerodhero: What every person should own!

Let the Afghan Poppies Bloom - How the drug war is undermining the war on terrorism

coderman: LEGALIZE IT you fucks.
coderman: we are spending $3,000,000,000 to rid coca fields of weeds in columbia (they have round-up resistant coca now)
coderman: we are depriving afghan farmers of their only source of income.
coderman: something has to give


coderman: not as bad as this makes it out to be. All of cell sites derive timing from spans connected to the CO. these, as mentioned are good for 20-30 days without GPS.
coderman: and most customers also derive their timing from the spans coming from their CO provider.
coderman: but think of all the geo-cachers rioting in the streets! mayhem i tell you!

UK Keeps Terror Suspects in Jail, Despite Judgement

coderman: i expect we will try and follow this route, with ashcroft telling the supreme court they are activist judges who can fuck right off!
coderman: yeah, that will make things interesting.
coderman: " She said four of the detainees had gone mad due to their treatment, and attacked a suggestion the government may respond by widening the law to include UK as well as foreign suspects."

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