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2004 - the quagmire bowl!

coderman: "Not sure there's an Oscar for most innovative Terrorist Film, but if there is the Chechens deserve it."
coderman: "See though, the lesson of Chechnya and Iraq both is that people are a lot crazier and more comfortable with violence than we thought. So I'm betting that they'll never run out of bombers and Jihadis, and we'll never run out of GIs from rust-belt ghost towns."
coderman: "I think the party will just keep going, and going, and going -- killing and killing and killing, like the Energizer bunny on PCP."

Blind man can 'see emotion'

So do keyless locks (cause explosions)

The Ariane 5 Accident: A Programming Problem?

ruchira: Bad programming languages cause explosions

The neighborhood where i grew up. Upper left corner: 10964 W 106th PL

coderman: that golf course is fairly recent. it was still a large field when i lived there.
coderman: here's Kentner Lake, and my old high school to the right. The smaller school up above the lake is Witt Elementary where i also went to school so long ago..
coderman: since i am sure everyone is oh so interesting in arcane details about my childhoos.


Zerodhero: FCC Votes to Allow Internet on Flights
Zerodhero: YAY!
Zerodhero: I can IRC @ 30k Feet now

Rocky flats via terraserver

The "lap" pillow

uid0: old.
geebus: Wouldn't it be more intelligent to take those single women buying foam shoulders, and the single men buying foam laps, and maybe just introduce them? Misery loves company, and apparently it loves foam too.
Zerodhero: Real old
coderman: fuck you guys, i'm going home...

Safe personal computing

coderman: "Use windows only if you absolutely have to"
coderman: "Browsing: Don't use Microsoft Internet Explorer, period."


Zerodhero: Guy is forced to pay child support, when there isn't a child


Zerodhero: Berreta made out of Legos

things not to do in costa rica


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