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Girls Gone Wild... on Crutches!

Famous Atheist Now Believes in God

burtonator: Except he's refering to Bush
coderman: his definition of god is probably vastly different than 90% of believers
coderman: i'm fond of the hacker scientist creating symmetry breakage that spawned our universe theory
coderman: but then who created his universe?
coderman: well, probably a black hole with the proper characteristics.
coderman: but what created the universe the black hole inhabited that led to the universe that produced the hacker scientist who created our? ... that's a damn good question!
burtonator: Except he's refering to Bush

John Perry Barlow feeling the first wave of the Brave New World

coderman: stock up on lube for christmas; dick&bush have a mandate to fuck you

SquashFS - a faster compressed filesystem

burtonator: Uh... why is it so much faster?

Anybody with a brain has known for more than a year that Blair killed Kelley.

aminorex: Brains are vestigial organs which can cause insubordination. Thankfully, the opinion makers in the press have returned to the time-honored tradition of the lobotomy.

High Court To Decide File-Sharing Case

geebus: "Movie studios can't quite argue that file-sharing is responsible for a decline in movie ticket sales. Last March, the Motion Picture Association of America said 2003 was its second-best year ever, as box-office sales totaled $9.5 billion, and that 1.57 billion movie tickets were sold in the U.S."

PeerGuardian 2.0 immanent

aminorex: spread the goodness

Lik-Sang dissects the PSP


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