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Bi Polar Barney, Buys a Shotgun

Coder's new business. Call for a quote or estimate.

coderman: "In the last twenty years, the craft of safe cracking has tragically declined. It is no longer the glamorous activity featured in every other detective film, and the number of real criminal attacks on safes has fallen dramatically."
coderman: "So I’m delighted to see so many children in the audience as its time to start training up a new generation of safe crackers or it will become a lost art." - THINK OF THE CHILDREN!
coderman: "Lone criminals, acting on the spur of the moment, are replacing meticulously planned ‘professional’ operations, and the ‘craftsman’ criminal has virtually disappeared." - how sad ~_~;

Scope of rights assigned by copyright ownership

Hollywood's nightmare grows

The 100 oldest domain name registrations

coderman: damn, bellcore.com still resolves and takes you to telcordia

FOX News to the Dutch: "Fuck you"

pretender: Everything is a slippery slope if you look from far enough away.
seti: Do you imply that FOX actually look at what they're writing about?
pretender: No. More of a general consideration when evaluating 'slippery slope' type arguments.




Half-Life 2 walkthrough, 2:57:35

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