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Nothing is more fun then feeling boobies!

Cartoon Skeletal Systems

coderman: "Twenty-two of these are currently on show and for SALE at Stumptown Coffee/Belmont in Portland, Oregon the month of December 2004" -- AWWW YEAH. WHO RULEZ? P-TOWN

AlienWare bought that from Zerodhero

Static linking will be gone in solaris 10

coderman: "We've been warning users against static linking for some time now, and linking against libc.a has been especially problematic. Every solaris release, or update (even some patches) has resulted in some application that was built against libc.a, failing." -- nice way to fix that problem.

What do teratomas and stem cells have in common?


"The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time"

Teratoma Tower

coderman: see full image

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