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Who wouldn't want to use it? You lose weight and you have great sex

coderman: "Meth eventually destroys the sex drive, but for a short while it can boost sexual appetite and performance more powerfully than drugs such as cocaine, doctors say."
coderman: and it fries the brain. don't do meth, do d-amphetamine

PlayStation 3 chip goes easy on developers

coderman: coding on cell systems has always been the hardest part of using them
coderman: ibm was going to have to learn to solve this same problem for blue gene

Explosives lost in airport gaffe

rik: French airport security training goes slightly awry when a bag planted with plastic explosives is loaded onto one of 90 planes.. and they don't know which
rik: "Police insist the package of explosives is no more harmful than a chocolate bar - it has no detonator and does not react to movement, shock or even fire. But they do concede that somewhere in the world, one of the thousands of passengers who passed through the airport will get a nasty surprise when they open their luggage."
rik: ... or when customs officials open it for them...

Generation Raised With Internet Grows Up

coderman: if this is the future, we are sooo fucked.
coderman: 30 million "tweens" with live journals. OH GOD, LET THE NUKES RAIN DOWN
coderman: except for the ones that have their mother murdered and burned to a crisp and write about it in LJ. they can live.

lightweight languages workshop video


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