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Infoanarchy - <coderman> yes, the key is to be apeshit all the time, then they can't tell when you're stoned.


*uNF* *uNF* *uNF* all over your brains!! mwahaha

Robot Exclusion Protocol

coderman: I took off my clothes and stepped into the shower to find another one sitting near the drain. It was about 2 feet tall and made of metal, with bright camera-lens eyes and a few dozen gripping arms. Worse than the Jehovah's Witnesses.
coderman: "Hi! I'm from Google. I'm a Googlebot! I will not kill you."
coderman: 'I know what you are.'
coderman: "I'm indexing your apartment."
coderman: 'I don't want you here. Who let you in?'

A Unicode-obfuscated programming language proposal

coderman: "So here are a few suggestions for a language that I think someone (but not me!) should have the patience to implement. Let's call it ???? (U+042E CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER YU / U+14C2 CANADIAN SYLLABICS NI / U+ACE7 HANGUL SYLLABLE GOD / U+2394 SOFTWARE-FUNCTION SYMBOL)"
coderman: "(2) nobody will have the fonts to write it properly because nobody ever has a Canadian unified aboriginal syllabics font and a Hangul font and a font with this strange SOFTWARE-FUNCTION SYMBOL (even Microsoft's supposedly all-inclusive Arial Unicode font stores a strange Indic glyph where that symbol should be),"

SCIENCE! building a new India - UNION CARBIDE

coderman: i love the hand pouring blood all over those fields and proclaiming "A HAND IN THINGS TO COME"
coderman: little did they know that meant YOUR OWN BLOOD BY THE THOUSANDS! mwahahaah


coderman: see, the cool cops just take your weed, and smoke a bowl with you before they jet.
coderman: its these young power hungry punks which are ruining it for the rest of em

everyone go here and click on their google ads.

Government targets teen drugged driving

coderman: Many teen drivers believe it's less dangerous to drive after smoking marijuana than after drinking alcohol, a perception the government wants to change.
coderman: this will continue other longstanding programs to fight against rationality and truth. for example, the Intelligent Design debate and the Al Queda / Osama ties to Saddam

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