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AMD Releases Socket 666 Athlon 64 CPUs

Bush Signs Internet Access Tax Ban Into Law

coderman: the problem with hating bush is that it only irkes me more when he does something right for once. ;)

Election year 2004 summarized

Ben Franklin : Ambassador, Scientist, Ladies' Man!

coderman: <Ben> Why didn't they have Viagra when i was a playa? WHY GOD??

Pill popping new US pastime

kp: WASHINGTON (AP) -- More than 40 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug and one-in-six takes at least three, the government reported Thursday

fun things to do with a matter compiler

coderman: clone yourself and then beat the clone to death! is it murder or suicide??
coderman: if you copy a person and kill them, is it only murder until you clone them back?
coderman: i predict a large increase in wood chipper sales.
coderman: oh yeah, all monetary systems will be backed by commodities in short order.
coderman: so change those dollars into gold ahead of time.

Live to be 1,000 years old

coderman: who the fuck wants to be an old decrepit bag of human bones for 900 years?

Google's click fraud is becoming a serious problem

coderman: "Reyes' comments Wednesday appeared to the starkest yet by any Google executive that click fraud is becoming a serious problem. In fact, he called click fraud the "biggest threat" to the Internet economy."
coderman: ""This is Google playing politics," said Stricchiola, referring to Google's recent lawsuit and Reyes' comments."

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