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Infoanarchy - It's often a man's mouth that breaks his nose.


Zerodhero: Good but deffinately wrong comic

decentralized bittorrent (?)

coderman: a project after my own heart: "Hey! I have this great thing, but you can't see, use, or otherwise evaluate it on your own. But it will be great when it's done!"

almost finished...

watch the FBI get yanked off the case.

coderman: this could get interesting
coderman: or shot by a lone gunman.

Canada, The Garden Country


Infrastructure software design, deployment, activation and monitoring

coderman: optimistic estimate at two decades
coderman: 20 years to read and apply the FAQ... sounds about right.
coderman: "There are just too many idiots writing bad code, everywhere."

6f (cubic set)


coderman: MSWWBUW stands for the Association of Mad Scientists Who Want to Blow Up the World. It is a highly secretive organization. Its activities involve large numbers of monkeys and vast quantities of Cesium.
coderman: Given the indisputable fact that all persons in direct contact with the organization have mysteriously vanished from the net, the fewer questions asked, the better.
coderman: ost of our information about this shadowy group derives from one Brendan Dunn, who was instrumental in the formation of alt.cesium. He, alas, is among the vanished.
coderman: good software also does not cache full ISO files during compression. (oom killer will remind you if you forget to add a large swap)

Want to fuck my Avatar?

Colombian Rebels Deny Plotting to Kill Bush

coderman: "This man has pledged to fund an additional 3 billion US dollars for free round-up dustings of our resistant coca fields"

Deworming the Internet

coderman: "Law enforcement and free markets have failed to prevent vulnerable software. it is time to LEGISLATE THEM AWAY
coderman: "It is our policy that we are not being hacked."

Right Hook

coderman: " Terrorism expert says Bush's reelection gave bin Laden a "kosher stamp from the Islamic world" to use nukes on U.S. -- and a major attack is "inevitable." Plus: A karate champion says CIA must play dirty."
coderman: "We must, I do not mean 'should,' I mean 'must' hammer our legislators to significantly upgrade our depleted, sometimes-laughable intelligence and security services. They can no longer be 'politically-correct!' They must be 'nationally-correct!'"
coderman: i want in on some of this torture with impunity action
coderman: "We must also propagandize, blackmail, or hire indigenous prostitutes, homosexual lovers of officials, disgruntled spouses, and the like to supply us with hands-on, eye-witness, on-the-ground intelligence reports, which can be evaluated and compared with electronic surveillance, news, internet monitoring, and other collection operandi."
coderman: AWWWW YEAH. YOUR FUCKIN' NUTZ ON A DRESSER WITH A SPIKED BAT, YO. [funny to have evidence of government policies fueling terrorism contrasted so sharply with a plea to ratchet up the most obnoxious policies another level]

In the Star Wars future, the US will be the Trade Federation

infi: They need to hook these up to live-shot.com

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