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Headline: "Bush Taps Rice" - Fox News Reports. | Jar Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like fucking Shaft! | 1337 4774 thats leet Allah bizitch .

Anorexic Girls Bond on Web to Dismay of Doctors

coderman: NO FATTIES
Mutiny: Nothing gets me turned on more than a chick that looks like a windpipe with eyes.

Nader sues for recounts in New Hampshire based on statistical anomalies related to Diebold machines.

aminorex: Florida! Florida! Florida!

Brazil to decriminalize narcotics?

coderman: "Lula is expected to sign an executive decree on November 24, taking drug enforcement responsibilities away from police agencies, and placing the problems of drug use under the jurisdiction of the Health Ministry, which will be charged with supporting the safe drug-use centers and make Harm Reduction - a policy to reduce the harms associated with drug use - the law of the land."
coderman: yay for progress

More on mass graves for american mercenaries

A Canadian war crimes trial for Bush

coderman: lollersk8tes!

Secret mass graves of U.S. forces in Iraq

aminorex: WARNING: Gruesome corpses

run kernel, run!

jobs in mountain view, ca

Fedora boot pr0n

coderman: this shows the need for parrellelism during the boot process.

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