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Oreo Barbie

coderman: hahahahah, man, they dont get much less tasteless

Microsoft Crawling Google Results For New Search Engine?

coderman: everyone check your logs for funny hits from
rovah: Excerpt pulled from Microsoft's 3rd quarter report: 1. Crawl google. 2. ??? 3. profit


Building a linux XBOX cluster

coderman: ... just to piss off tha man.

Israel nuclear whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu re-arrested

simmo: released from jail in April after 18 years
simmo: this morning for passing on classified documents to unnamed international parties




halloween offically best holiday ever

Mutiny: Polls reveal that "slut" most popular halloween costume.


Soldiers claim women and children fired on them

simmo: "I think we're looking at several more days of tough urban fighting." I think we're looking at Vietnam

US voters followed porn map

obsolete article. gonzales is the nominee. mr. 'torture them in syria and you're golden'

seti: which is in the comments after the writeup, all spelled out and bullet-pointed

Court looks at dogs, drugs, privacy

coderman: "the U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether Caballes' constitutional rights were violated because the dog sniffed his car even though police did not have reason to suspect Caballes was committing a crime."

Cyber Crime Tools Could Serve Terrorists -FBI

coderman: how soon before they lump peer-to-peer apps into this category? eheheh
simmo: <fbi> how do you spell that?

To Evil!

seti: ntkboy's column for October 2004 (posted 3 days ago)

Declaration of Expulsion: A Modest Proposal

coderman: "The 12 states that must go: California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, and Delaware."
coderman: "Only the remaining 38 states would retain the name, "United States of America." The 12 expelled mobs could call themselves the "Dirty Dozen," or individually keep their identity and go their separate ways, probably straight to Hell."
coderman: well then, since both sides want nothing to do with each other, lets do it!
coderman: "Other significant pockets of ultraliberal extremists may be found in intellectually incestuous college towns and pro-big-government state capitals, along the estranged and overwhelmed Mexican border, and in Dixie's welfare-addicted Cotton Belt."
simmo: "shall we remain the world's leader, or become an unprincipled chump for the cabal of globalist sybarites who play endless word-games inside the United Nations and European Union sanctuaries?" are those really two valid options?
simmo: This is reverse psychology, isn't it? "No, PWEAASE DON'T FWOW ME FWOM THE UNION! PWEEEASSE!"

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