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<Winston> so .. why'd you put my head in the rat cage? || "We're all hookers. What matters is dignity." Farren || Goodbye reality community and your 49% minority - my favorite uncle is back in town...

Flashing with the Queen

Breakfast in Taiwan.

aminorex: yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy

Gonzales succeeds Ashcroft

seti: "Gonzales publicly defended the administration's policy -- essentially repudiated by the Supreme Court and now being fought out in the lower courts -- of detaining certain terrorism suspects for extended periods without access to lawyers or courts."
seti: "He also wrote a controversial February 2002 memo in which Bush claimed the right to waive anti-torture law and international treaties providing protections to prisoners of war. That position drew fire from human rights groups, which said it helped led to the type of abuses uncovered in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal."
seti: ITYM s/human rights groups/the whole civilised world/
coderman: aww yeah, lets get this fascist party started

Bush's Vote Tallies "Statistically Stunning"

aminorex: Bush racked up more votes than registered Republicans in 47 out of 67 counties in Florida. In 15 of those counties, his vote total more than doubled the number of registered Republicans and in four counties, Bush more than tripled the number.
aminorex: in 2000, Bush’s Florida total represented about 85 percent of the total number of registered Republicans
aminorex: xit polls showed him winning only about 14 percent of the Democratic vote statewide – statistically the same as in 2000
aminorex: and losing Florida’s independent voters to Kerry by a 57 percent to 41 percent margin
Ash: amazing things happen when you hack the vote

US uses Napalm in Iraq (in volation of international law)

coderman: it's not technically napalm
aminorex: "You can call it something other than napalm but it is still napalm. It has been reformulated in the sense that they now use a different petroleum distillate, but that is it. The U.S. is the only country that has used napalm for a long time. I am not aware of any other country that uses it."
coderman: the mark 77 firebomb made from 44lbs of polystyrene-like gelling compound & 63 gallons of jet fuel
coderman: see, not napalm. functionally identical to napalm, but not napalm.
coderman: you communist hippy bastards... ;)

MSNBC covers massive vote fraud

aminorex: "Keith Olbermann on MSNBC in which he did a story on election problems. He said that there were 90,000 more votes cast in Ohio than registered voters"
coderman: heheheh, and its TOO LATE! oh sucks to be a loser democrat
Rovah: those crazy Ohioians. So excited about the political process that many voted twice.

Fallujah, Grozny, Backlash

coderman: "The message: kill them all, and let God sort them out." - w0rd
coderman: that about sums up US foreign policy

Roman cosmetic secrets revealed

coderman: no mention of the "french purfume" method of pheromone attraction


coderman: "College students around the country start groups to teach their peers about copyright law and how Hollywood and record companies abuse it. To fight vacant stares, they frame the issue like this: Save the iPod."

CONERS: Augmenting DHTs to Support Distributed Resource Discovery

coderman: a nice dank spliff does wonders for discovery
Ash: <coderman> it will be superceded by my BONERS project

waiting for the multinational UN-led counter-coup in Washington

Mutiny: waiting for the blue states to get their acts together and secede.

Kernel Locking Techniques

eyeballing the fallujah kill zone

coderman: it will be interesting to see the BEFORE/AFTER shots
simmo: before/after head-shots?

Fatties banned from McDonald's commercial

simmo: They're locking out their primary market!

Woman abused 8-year old boy

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