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<Winston> so .. why'd you put my head in the rat cage? || "We're all hookers. What matters is dignity." Farren || Goodbye reality community and your 49% minority - my favorite uncle is back in town...

Residents: School strafing 'unacceptable'

the pharmacist refused to fill Lacey's prescription because she did not believe in birth control

coderman: and who said roe vs wade is not a target? all fronts are a fucking target for these backwards ass piece of shit ignorant fuckwads
coderman: time to start making cannon fodder goddamnit
coderman: "another Texas pharmacist at an Eckerd drug store in Denton wouldn't give contraceptives to a woman who was said to be a rape victim." -- niiice

Darwinism vs. "intelligent design"

coderman: i love how bush's no child left behind act had hooks in there for intelligent design
coderman: "Leave this garbage out of the textbooks. I don't want anybody taking care of me in a nursing home some day to think I came from a monkey."
coderman: hehehe

Election observers are terrorists

"Bring 'em on," says Bush? No, say the north and west coast.

trust bush

seti: for god's sake, trim or shave, I hate carpet burn and/or hairs between my teeth.

2004 The City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture: Arundhati Roy

simmo: transcript and realaudio available

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