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Kerry wins


Statistical Evidence of Electoral Fraud...in Venezuela

"What I find disturbing, however, is how *easy* the Internet has made it not just to Google the *fact* that I need when I need it, but to get the *mind-set* I want when I want it."

ruchira: "When I visited the right-wing blogosphere, it was like going to the zoo to look at exotic animals."
seti: no free day pass offered by salon to me. I feel unimportant now :/

lots of FOIA requests about audit trails

coderman: "people are getting worked up over the exit poll discrepancy
seti: wouldn't you be ashamed of voting Republican (and thus showing your uninformed fear)?
coderman: the answer is 51% no




Election Inspired graphic art.

geebus: Warped depictions of your inner-psyche staring back at you. Tell me... Is this Fear?
simmo: election inspired? where is disgust?

nside the Secret Service

simmo: OMG I clicked. Too late now. where is my backup ID?


simmo: compare with last year or previous years
simmo: sorry if those maps compare apples with grapes .. who understands this 'electoral college' shit?
simmo: cf Gerrymander

Your download speed : 15031536 bps, or 14679 kbps.

Late news on mainstream Christian boycott of Israel

latest "Osama bin Laden" full transcript


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