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last updated at 2004-11-01 20:33

We await election night. The prelude to a recount!

Electoral-Vote, by Andrew Tanenbaum


seti: Another look at data supplied by the fine Andrew Tanenbaum

Nader flips his shit - debates with dolls


query images by example

simmo: faked up demo of GIFT Gnu Image Finding Tool (do not confuse with giFT p2p app)
simmo: java demo and stuff which may work



BBC news archives stuff online

simmo: more stuff they prolly have a whole stack of stuff somewhere


munich continues linux rollout one month later

Munich has put its Linux plans on hold in response to fears over software patents.

simmo: please form a line against the wall. the revolution has arrived.
simmo: the article is from August .. anyone know if they resumed rollout?

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