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also, 100,000 iraqi civilians dead

Sientists stunned to discover remains of pygmy-elephant-hunting pygmy-human species

simmo: http://www.economist.com/science/displaystory.cfm?story_id=3329128
simmo: in Liang Bua, a large limestone cave on Flores, 600 km east of Bali
simmo: until 10k years ago .. possibly even until 1500s
simmo: ?Hundreds of thousands of years of isolation on a relatively small and resource poor island with few predators selected for smaller body size,? said Dr Gert van den Bergh
simmo: the artists picture shows the hobbit-like being at actual size!
simmo: obviously it's been scaled down to fit on your computer monitor, but the ratio of size between the pygmy and the humans holding the picture is correct
rik: See also here for the BBC version.
simmo: to the tune of icehouse - great southern land.ogg
simmo: small people == leprachauns == aliens == 'them'? - ??? -
simmo: Oh shit now mythology == fact

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