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<MilkSjeik> beer is for Belgium

C++ in the Linux Kernel

coderman: OH YEAH BABY!!!

Don't be dissin' da Prez in your LJ's

coderman: ... supressing urge to poke the hornet's nest

distributed posting list joins for decentralized full-text searching

Folding and Unfolding: Computational Origami

Mosh! (fuck bush)

coderman: wonder if MTV will touch this one with a 10ft pole

Scheme R6RS Progress Report

VIA PadLock ACE benchmarks

Lawyer: Consensual sex is not child porn

coderman: "The lawyer for a man convicted for videotaping consensual sex with his 17-year-old girlfriend argues that the former high school teacher should not have been prosecuted under a child pornography law."
coderman: "Todd Senters, 31, was convicted last year for manufacturing child pornography after his roommate found the tape in their apartment and turned it in to authorities. Senters was put on probation and required to register as a sex offender."
coderman: cmon, sleeping with students is a time honored tradition!

Tied Presidential Election Could Be Mother of All Messes

coderman: i think "quagmire" is the word you are looking for. and oh yeah, its going to suck
coderman: " Nathan Ritchey, a Youngstown State University mathematician, calculates there's a 3.25 percent chance of a 269-269 tie in the electoral college."
coderman: "... if Democrats recapture the Senate, the outcome could be Republican Bush as president and Democrat Edwards as vice president." - OH MY GOD, I WOULD LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO 2008


French company creates RFID crowns, bridges and other dental prosthetics (teeth).

simmo: "to provide a way to reduce errors and improve productivity" so it's a winner automatically
simmo: as if all of #iA hasn't already got these ...
simmo: 2, 16 or 32 kbits of read-write memory
simmo: sir, please bite
seti: omg
simmo: /me plays LARD

Paris goes gay

Otto Von Guericke invented air: 1654

seti: well, glad that patent expired since then

Tower of power

simmo: 1km high tower in desert to make enough electricity to power 200,000 houses

"Dear God, please, please, please ... let the winner win big."

coderman: civil war 2004! w00t!
coderman: wear your black hoodie to polling booth

check out kogepan


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