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nothing is alright

Yahoo notified James Atkinson that the mail list would be terminated if information was posted on the list about CCS

coderman: goddamnit, this government is spiraling further and further out of control
coderman: how much longer are you fucking complacent motherfuckers going to sit here and watch with ambivalence?
coderman: the canary is dying in the mineshaft. you may be ok now, but by the time you feel the cold hand of opression choking you it will be too late.
coderman: "in other news, a nefarious terrorist hacker named "coderman" was setenced to death by a military tribunal for treason and other crimes against america...."

Getting to the bottom of the bulge

coderman: sweet, they interviewed James Atkinson for commentary!
simmo: dimension100.com/censorship.txt

Can we get an automatic rotoscoper from this too

Mutiny: (as if we didn't need more bad web comics)

The Blacksmith and the Bookkeeper

coderman: the current programmer is both blacksmith and bookkeeper. one will thrive, one will go extinct.
Mutiny: This guy is an idiot.
Mutiny: He compares a blacksmith to a programmer only as far as he sees the blacksmith as "extinct" and the programmer as possibly going extinct.
coderman: yes. and he uses the word "fitscape" ...
Mutiny: When, in fact, the facet of the "Industrial Age" that killed the massive industry of smithing was automation. MACHINES make all the every day items that blacksmiths made.
coderman: "let me select some metaphors that conveniently suit my assumptions without basing them on any kind of factual relationship."
Mutiny: So until we reach the point where the machines can program themselves.
coderman: pay no mind to mutiny, he doesn'y believe in the SINGULARITY which will be doing all our coding in the future. ;)
Mutiny: The industry of smithing has changed vastly also. Our technological advances have obsoleted using coal furnaces to built metal implements.
Mutiny: The industry of software development will only evolve like the profession of metal working have advanced. Just as the metal craft industry evolved into purchasing quantities of steel to be worked into form by advanced machines, such software development will advance where more software will be built on open source tools. Just as the hammer and anvil evolved into the CNC mill, software development will evolve as our compilers and development systems


simmo: I need a personal Entertainment dealer
simmo: get me on the hard shit


simmo: This is suprnova, but without frames and javascript

Juggling with packets.

SoulShine: The following paper explores the possibilities of using certain properties of the Internet or any other large network to create a reliable, volatile distributed data storage of a large capacity.




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