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hacking the industrial control infrastructure

My fellow non-americans

afghanistan bananastand

For those who have been napping, Meacher gives us a tidy recap of the case that 9/11 was planned by the U.S. administration as a milestone to dominating central asia.

coderman: someone needs to be held responsible (read: all the fucking neocon hawks) for this PNAC bullshit.
aminorex: Incompetent supervillians. Ha! Jokes on you: Caspian reserves proved less that 40Gbbl, not the 380G you thought. Let's see if you can make that up in heroin.
aminorex: Zbigniew led y'all astray, dumbfux: Central asia hasn't mattered since horses became obsolete. You're just paving the road for the armies of the east, come armageddon.

Australia to launch chipped passport

simmo: contracting a company called Betrusted aka Cybertrust aka TruSecure

Why is stable money such a big deal?

coderman: economic warfare: wave of the future!

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