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I didn't work my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables.

gotta love isreal. they can spin the shooting of young girls by troops like no other nation on earth.

coderman: and by spin i mean "hmm, girl was shot. could have been us. we'll investigate" and then jack shit ever happens.


Lava Oozes Out of Mount St. Helens

coderman: i've got this sudden urge to make smores over HOT LAVA

Scientists gingerly tap into brain's power

coderman: "We put drugs in our brains to improve them, even caffeine," says Arthur Caplan, head of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania. "I don't think the brain is some sacrosanct organ you can't touch."
coderman: i want to see this guy play pong on a dose of some good double dipped.
burtonator: I totally agree...



Acoustic Cryptanalysis

simmo: The 'demonstrations' that the signal was not electromagnetic in nature are insufficient.
simmo: It could be easily tested by using a different type of mic to record the same pc, eg an old-style coil mic, and using a different amp with both mics
simmo: if signal is identical in all cases, signal is unlikely to be emf

Peer-to-Peer Comes Clean - They're not just for file-sharing anymore: P2P networks are transmitting phone calls, blocking spam, backing up hard drives, and spreading scholarship.

coderman: "you mean peer networks are no longer being used for child porn and warez?" '... um, no. but they are being used for lots of legitimate purposes too!'

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