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Google for solving crimes and other mysteries

Get Your War On

simmo: etc

FBI took the hard drives of IndyMedia servers in the UK

simmo: ISP rolled over, kicked legs in air, and begged for more
simmo: more info including what supposedly was the target of the raid?
simmo: that being story about Swiss undercover police from one of the websites
simmo: english babelfish translation
simmo: "Can be that there are other things which this inspector will never obliera! Because there is not only Carpacio as flat which is eaten cold!"
simmo: hint: {print to file ; ps2pdf ; gnutella} does a much better job than 'save as complete html in a bunch of folders and with the files renamed wierdly so that you lose them'
simmo: I'd estimate that there are now > 2 inspectors on the job
simmo: Intelligence destroys itself .. see heisenberg 1927

Just how fucking worthless is cheney? PRETTY FUCKING WORTHLESS!

seti: George W. Bush makes Reagan look smart, Nixon look honest, and his dad look coherent.

What edwards would say during the debate. if he was a rude motherfucker.

coderman: "My legal career was based on helping individuals dicked over by the very kind of corporate and government culture this evil motherfucker across this stupid ass table has fostered."
simmo: I agree

Tor stats, now with bandwidth graphs

Chasing the long tail

coderman: not about sex. but it could be, if robust recommender systems were applied to fucking.

An 11-year-old attacked her baby sitter with a machete during a struggle that included attempts by the girl to grab a baseball bat, a shovel and a BB gun

coderman: "The girl and the sitter had gotten into an argument over feeding a dog, and the girl began to beat and choke the animal, Hubbard said. The sitter tried to pry the girl off the dog."
coderman: "The scuffle moved to the front yard, where the girl grabbed a shovel and then a baseball bat ... next a BB gun, but the woman got it away from her. The altercation continued until the girl found the machete lying in the yard and began to chase the woman, who took refuge in the bathroom"
coderman: a little sex abuse from her step dad and this chick is all set for the psycho sex fiend role later in life.

FTC Files First 'Spyware' Case in U.S.

God bless country music.

buy a desktop for coderman


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