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I didn't work my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables.


bush the puppet

Drive-by hackers get residents' hackles up

coderman: note that actively attacking systems is different than passively monitoring them. and dont use netstumbler; pos.

p2p comes clean

coderman: sooner or later the government is going to try and make decentralization illegal. because it inhibits/complicates law enforcement and privacy invasion. which WILL NOT DO!

red-shift 2 quasar in front of a redshift 0.2 galaxy

coderman: yeah, because it is ABSOUTELY IMPOSSIBLE that the quasar and the galaxy are moving independantly (and the quasar moving away faster)
pretender: I imagine there is a list maintained by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations which contains the world views younger civilizations go through before reaching their own level of understanding. I want to read it.
aminorex: I imagine the list to be different for every civilization. It's certainly different for each human ethnicity, so an alien mind would be much farther afield. In fact, we probably wouldn't consider any alien intellgence 'advanced' because they would have viewpoints and beliefs which we would consider more closely similar to "primitive" human ideation than to contemporary culture.
pretender: I meant world view based the physical laws that govern the universe.
pretender: Advanced meaning their understanding of the universe exceeds ours.

Hg2Sb2O7 F.O.B. Moscow

flooding p2p nets with crap

how the drug war turned marijuana cultivation into a potent science

coderman: now having served its purpose of refining illicit psychoactive production it is time for the DEA to die...

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