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Hotspot Operators Face New Patent Fee Demand

P2P Publications and RISSON, J., MOORS, T., Survey of research towards robust peer-to-peer networks: search methods, Technical Report UNSW-EE-P2P-1-1, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia (September 2004), awaiting publication

simmo: "Peer-to-peer (P2P) has the makings of a disruptive technology. It can aggregate enormous storage and processing resources while minimizing entry and scaling costs. The key to realizing this potential in applications other than file sharing is robustness."
simmo: the rest of the doc seems to be a review of a bunch of p2p papers

F*ck Big Media: Rolling Your Own Network

simmo: by Marc Pesce, self-confessed North American Australian Film Television and Radio School lecturer and an inventor of VRML and a bunch of other stuff etc
simmo: on how the big media "anti-market" forces are fucking us over
simmo: "You can call it a cabal, or a cartel, or a conspiracy"
simmo: <the media> duh?! .. are we?!
coderman: "This is the challenge I'm presenting to you - here and now - a challenge that needs to be solved. In some space between the community access-for-all methodology and the strictly constrained gatekeeper methodology there must be a middle path which allows for an equality of opportunity but also allows for a response to taste and quality. In the age of computers and the Web, it shouldn't be all that hard - but it's a pr
coderman: "I look forward to learning about your own solutions to this problem."

Oregon measure 33

coderman: my name is coderman and i endorse this measure.
coderman: six pounds of dank per year. that would do.

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