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He forgot poland! YES!!!

"iPod users are music thieves," says Ballmer

seti: I suggest he tries something besides Windows Media Player to attempt to rip his (legal) CD collection to MP3s - the need for KaZaA is suddenly much lessened
seti: Try iTunes-LAME for Mac OS X instead
coderman: somebody kill that fucking monkey boy
seti: "Developers developers developers! DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS!! AAAAARGH!!!" blood and gore splatters all over the stage as Ballmer's skull splits open and a monkey on crack covered with slime escapes from the cavity

hahahahah, what the fuck...

coderman: i want my $40 dvd player AND my six figure job! (what is this bubble you speak of?)
coderman: “My value as a human being was taken away from me. What is going to happen to all these people who are losing their jobs?” -- they will find new ones. or, if they sk, a line of work where they dont suck.
aminorex: whiny ass rich lazy americans want to get your war on
coderman: yeah, lets cut some of that $200,000,000,000 in war spending damnit
seti: it's only been $120bn up till now actually

Orgies are the way to ease social tensions, claims US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

coderman: holy shit, he has jumped the shark

I am an antichrist / I am a sporty spice





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