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A word to the wise is unnecessary.

There are 24 other known U.S. detention centers in Iraq besides Abu Ghraib

aminorex: "in these other places, there’s tons of acts of torture, abuse, rape"


Israeli secret torture camp identified.

aminorex: Which should not be taken to imply that there is a shortage of non-secret torture camps in Israel.

Saddam Hussein running for president. (In Iraq)

aminorex: Personally, I'm inclined to write him in for the U.S. election.

Next President Holds Power to Shape a Legacy in the Law

coderman: the real battle in this election is going to shapre the legal landscape of our nation for decades to come
coderman: does "Chief Justice Antonin Scalia" freak the fuck out of anyone else?

Motorcycle world abuzz at biker's 205 mph ticket

coderman: "Tilley's bike would have needed an add-on turbo charger to go above 165 mph."

Small eruption possible for St. Helens

53 second video of a mass murder in progress

seti: it's wget'able as civilianmassacre.wmv

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