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A word to the wise is unnecessary.



DISOBEY: Math'ics of computing.
DISOBEY: nice refresher. yep, i needed it.


DISOBEY: Freevo is an open-source home theatre PC platform based on Linux and a number of open-source audio/video tools. MPlayer and/or Xine can be used to play audio and video files in most popular formats. Freevo can be used both for a standalone PVR computer with a TV+remote, as well as on a regular desktop computer using the monitor and keyboard.
DISOBEY: operating shots.

Compaq FAQ: Where do I find the "Any" key on my keyboard? (FAQ2859)

DISOBEY: The term "any key" does not refer to a particular key on the keyboard. It simply means to strike any one of the keys on your keyboard or handheld screen.

GNUStep Gorm + PorjectCenter programming tutorial

simmo: Man this is easy! (pick 'Application' at the start, where it says to choose GORM Application)
simmo: another, longer tutorial which I haven't tried yet



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