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TRIP inter-telephony-domain routing protocol

coderman: "TRIP can act as either a SIP proxy server, redirect server and SIP registrar or as a gatekeeper for H.323 networks"
coderman: and is policy based, which is what you want in inter-telephony-domain routing.

Social Network Analysis of the 9-11 Terrorist Network

coderman: "Distributed, dynamic terrorist networks cannot scale like hierarchical networks. The same network design that makes them resiliant against attack puts absolute limits on their size. " - WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. technology has just removed significant barriers to scalability of fully decentralized communications/coordination networks
coderman: shit is going to hit the metaphorical fan in the coming decades. as has been said: "you must fight networks with networks" and the US and other states are deeply rooted in inflexible heirarchy
coderman: an interesting game to play if you must adopt the tactics of your adversary
coderman: (do the ends justify the means?)
coderman: we just happen to be fortunate that almost all the terrorists are relatively unsavvy technologically. that wont be the case for long.
aminorex: the above statement is in dispute.
coderman: please note my use of the word "relatively"
coderman: a small group with brains weilding the latest in high tech comms, network analysis, and strategic simulation / expert system / data mining could wreak havoc like we have never seen. think "crippling of critical infrastructure"

have a bucket

simmo: Photos of the world's biggest bucket being taken. U aint gonna see this anywhere else...



simmo: Oh man, that's a baby .. smaller than the lighter ffs

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