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you can stop talking like a pirate now. i finished. got a cigarette?


SoulShine: One of those sites that prove good at whiling away your time.


Don't fuck with this judge

coderman: "State District Judge Keith Dean ordered Frank Dorsett to serve two 180-day terms, drive a car with no more than 130 horsepower, carry a photo of the wreckage, take daily medication that will make him sick if he drinks alcohol and put a bumper sticker on his vehicle asking other motorists to call the probation department if he's driving recklessly."


uid0: It's not size that counts, it's seek time
coderman: "A brontobyte is million million petabytes, enough to store everything that's ever been filmed, taped, photographed, recorded, written, spoken, and probably even thought. Still, it would probably be wise to wait for the 10 bront model, just to be on the safe side."
coderman: practice safe storage and park your heads
simmo: "without any significant loss of quality" this guy ever watch divx?
simmo: or dvd?

Unnamed datacenter in Virginia after Ivan passed

Hurricanes and states that didn't vote for Bush in 2000.


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