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last updated at 2004-09-18 11:24

piggybacking the system [or should i say, system piggybacks me]

webcam - watch a bridge being erected in Bratislava, Slovakia

simmo: should start moving in ~30mins (11:45 GMT)
simmo: another view
simmo: the fucking bridge hasn't moved yet
pretender: That damn bridge is still not going anywhere


simmo: AKA Britney go fuck yourself

Introducing Baxter, a Peer-to-Peer Backup Network. WHICH DOES NOT EXIST

coderman: one day i'd love to be a pompous old bastard in some position of perceived authority so i can speculate on all sorts of cool things that someone, somewhere should build for me. because damnit, my ideas deserve to see the light of day! (and you should thank me for the privelege of sharing such insight with you. now bitch, go make me a sammich!)
coderman: deciding when to forget in the elephant file system
simmo: right, and let's not be forgetting that you thought of it first
coderman: yeah dude, can you not see the total originality and innovation creamed all over that idea like a technophile bukkake




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