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how openstep was subjugated

simmo: see also how 3d standards are being rooted
simmo: and cf BeOS
simmo: Check out the featureset of Cenon to see how far ahead openstep was
simmo: display postscript => editable postscript => import output from any app that prints
simmo: of course this is useful, and so must be killed (TM)
simmo: but idle bloated monopolies must be preserved, because they make us rich (R)
simmo: well just try it, fuckers.

Around forty police along with about 30 bailiffs smashed down the front door of the occupied social centre at something like 5.30am this morning.

simmo: to the tune of Blink 182 - Stockholme Syndrome
simmo: on repeat
simmo: but LOUD
simmo: see also story by Naomi Klein on Social Centre in Rome

Hexstatic, VJ+DJ extraordinaire


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