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abc news discovers

coderman: oh noe, the information. the information leaves us nekkid. we must be secure in obscurity!


John Perry Barlow 2.0 - Interviewed by Brian Doherty

coderman: "the combination of George W. Bush and the rise of "plutocratic" corporations requires direct political engagement, and that getting rid of Bush overrides any other personal or political concerns."

Bush Declines to Condemn Attack Ads on Kerry

coderman: " "Well, I had just been told by (White House Chief of Staff) Andrew Card that America was under attack. And I was collecting my thoughts," Bush said. "I think what's important is how I reacted when I realized America was under attack. It didn't take me long to figure out we were at war."
Rovah: Bush on Kerry's veteran record: "I dont know why he couldnt have just stayed in school a bit longer and become a real doctor. I dont like animals anyways."

Arbitrary code execution from an IMAGE READING LIBRARY?!

simmo: libPNG 1.2.5 buffer overflow security hole
simmo: slashdot story
simmo: mozilla 0.9.3 binary uses the fixed version

Singapore to relax ban on chewing gum "for medicinal purposes"

simmo: after FTA disagreement

smackthud: "remember, your not drunk, until you're drinking with Ian"
seti: you're, not your

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