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<malaclyps> weapons of hashed array construction

dont be a dumbass script kiddie. they will fuck you up.

See section 3.6.3 Collisions of Shock Waves

coderman: this always makes me think of nuclear phased array shockwaves : "At very small angles, the point of collision moves very rapidly along the interface (V/Sin alpha; where alpha is the collision angle, 0 for head on). If the speed with which the collision point moves is supersonic with respect to the material behind the reflected shocks then the only new phenomena are that the shocks are reflected at an angle, and the pres

The art of the parlay

Information deemed a security risk and terrorist tool. MUST DESTROY ALL INFORMATION

coderman: <secret service> especially
coderman: <fbi> oh yes, them first.
coderman: <ashcroft> OF WITH THA MUTHAFUCKIN' HEADS!!@#.. .. er, did i say that out loud?

IBM shows off next generation collaboration tools

coderman: " As hierarchical business structures become more decentralized, work increasingly will be organized around projects and activities, and tools will be needed to coordinate those activities, said MIT professor Thomas Malone"

Australia Tortures Children in Camps

simmo: May 2004 from Lyndon LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review
simmo: "In fact, so shameless is the Howard government, that in its latest atrocity, the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2004 now before the parliament, it intends to effectively legalize, under Australian law, the regimes at Guantanamo Bay and at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq."
simmo: WTF?!
simmo: Warning: rigid adherence to Godwin's law will be tolerated.

Aust company seriously proposes using BGP routing hack for censorship

simmo: supposedly just to stop bank scam emails

about 12,900 community radio stations have been shut down in Brazil and equipment from 117,755 operations confiscated since 1998, when the government passed a new broadcasting law, according to police figures

simmo: "The Community Radio Law (1998) created under the presidency of Fernando Henrique Cardoso fixes the maximum strength of community radio transmitters at 25 watts, limiting stations to a reach of one km."
simmo: "The law also prevents community radio stations from carrying advertising or belonging to a network."

Woman dies after being surgically removed from couch

nene: "Authorities estimate she had been on the couch anywhere from two to five years."

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