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On the 7th day, God created Blasphemy... and then we had lunch.

Want a 5 user wiki? ONLY $995!!! Software supplies limited, ORDER NOW!

coderman: "I could justify the cost of the wiki just from the lower teleconferencing bills."

Man pleads guilty to murdering girlfriend after seeing "Passion"

coderman: " Leach set up the murder to look like a suicide by getting Wilson, 19, to write a list of all the things wrong in her life and place a pillowcase over her head as a "trust exercise." -- NOW OPEN YOUR MOUTH REAL BIG, AND TRUST ME WHEN I PLACE A BARREL IN YOUR FACE

best retarded cat ever

Node-zilla :: reliable, fault tolerant grid network

coderman: "Nodezilla is a secured, distributed and fault tolerant routing system (aka Grid Network). Its main purpose is to serve as a link for distributed services built on top of it (like chat, efficient video multicasting streaming, File Sharing, secured file store ...). Nodezilla provides cache features; any server may create a local replica of any data object."

why those damn shifty tiles!!!

4.99 mW green laser

coderman: i want one of these...

Perseid meteor shower peaks overnight

Rovah: A good display could begin Wednesday night starting around 9 p.m. local time for those with dark skies.

{Alexander Graham] Bell made also some questionable experiments with his terrier. He put his dog between his legs and made it growl, then he modified vocal tract by hands to produce speech-like sounds.

The dudley vocoder transmitted speech at 300Hz in 1928

simmo: info
blasphemy: 10:1 compression

Upright gait linked to brain damage.

coderman: "hey look! its jesus! ahaha, smelly hippie..."
coderman: that wasn't funny? my appologies; no offense intended.
geebus: yes, we wouldn't want to offend the smelly hippie demographic
venkat: God is not mocked.

Wacky OSX error message received while connected to a WPA-protected wireless network

seti: image link; kernel messages are <-- there - 2004 Ford Transit Supervan 3 Concept

simmo: van with spoilers
seti: yuck

coderman: ive noticed a lot more benign and malicious probe traffic the last few weeks. seems to correlate with tor publicity, but who knows...
coderman: damn kiddies will play

Google being evil.

KragenSitaker: that doesn't sound very evil. just a little dumb.
coderman: yeah, not a lot of money in anarchist-crypto-parasite advertising

an amusing ad

coderman: i dont know why little interactive flash thingies amuse me, but god damn they sure beat HIT THA MONKEY HIT THA MONKEY! ads.
seti: that URL gets so blocked by privoxy.

who would guess that would lead to cannabilism.

coderman: any excuse is a good excuse for eating some brain

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