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BRAM DOES NOT WORK FOR SCO (as far as I know) | and by induction, also not for MICROSOFT

100 Reasons Why Java is Better than .NET

seti: see also
KragenSitaker: really lame mostly

The Architecture of Participation versus Hacking

malaclyps: java weenies fight lisp weenies in the whiny weenie olympics

Technical documents written to support plans for a large fiber-to-the-home project in Amsterdam, NL

seti: where a == the, run by the local gubmint (city council).
coderman: sweet, time for me to move!
seti: I'm sure you didn't mean that :/'s Battle Torrent sky pie

coderman: anyone know who is working on this?? or are they simply asking someone to build it :)
Mutiny: Man what a dumbass. 1 and 3 are already done by bittorrent by default.

SoulShine: Portions Of Brain Are Smaller In Children Born Prematurely
coderman: in fact, disturbing new evidence is present which suggests that PREMATURE BABIES == SMALLER!!?! OMFG!!

Google sets registration deadline for IPO

seti: it's in two days

"Games from films are a bit like bad porn, most people fast forward to the action pieces."

coderman: the riddick game kicks all kinds of ass, and is making more money than the movie. w00t

Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis - to be filmed on location at Chernobyl

coderman: OH YEAH, that's gotta save a ton on the special effects budget.
dopp: UNfortunately, the RotLD series is so, sooo bad
coderman: yes, sooo so bad it's good again.
dopp: Not to be confused with the Night of the Living Dead series which is spectacular


Air National Guard were posted to Vietnam, Bush ranked in top 5% by trainer

simmo: article does not dispute the contention that he went AWOL though
simmo: links to an article which claims Kerry's purple heart injuries may have been self inflicted

Nikola Tesla photo archive

simmo: Tesla Wardenclyffe Project purchased historian Leland Anderson's archive of some 750 photos
simmo: Wardenclyffe plant at Long Island was envisioned for a demo of wireless power transmission to France

According to PBS "March 1979 George W.'s Arbusto Oil company begins active operations. The company had been incorporated in June 1977 so Bush could use it as a credential in his congressional campaign."

simmo: therefore .. if bin Laden money financed the company ...
simmo: 50k buys a senator, right?
simmo: 1977 "impulsive decision to run for Congress. He runs as a traditional conservative, opposed to big government, particularly Carter's attempts to control natural gas prices."

Draft Riots Feared: No Matter Who Wins in November, Draft Will Return

simmo: unless it's not Reps or Dems

Motorola RaZr phone exposed

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