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What can I say? Jesus is fucking me | Bush 2004

U.S. blew undercover operation: Al-Qaida suspect was secretly cooperating with counterrorist sting

Some drum'n'bass mixes by artists from the Inperspective label and guests

seti: most of the live recordings have MCs ruining the tracks but there are some gems... wish they'd been encoded better though

(RSBAC PM Module) From a Formal Privacy Model to its Implementation

The Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities ~ The Experts Consensus

seti: dated Oct 2003?

Wikipedia NX page compares execshield vs PaX NX emulation tradeoffs

simmo: see also specific entries on PaX, execshield and also propolice
simmo: I want to see a survey, comparing percentage of apps that work with each type of protection, percentage of apps and of exploits that are protected by each
simmo: buffer overflow background
simmo: gentoo config shows that the most dangerous apps aren't protected well by PaX
simmo: the authors battle it out

gresco: SP2

coderman: much ado about nothing
coderman: 8 watts come in handy against senao punks

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