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industrial design experiment gone HORRIBLY wrong

coderman: 13. insert USB cable into cat anus ...
coderman: NO! WRONG CAT!
wmf: I want to run a NoCat node on this

industrial design experiment gone wrong

coderman: IT IS EASIER TO THROW! (titanium case extra)


simmo: "No one walked off the street to join the protesters, but one passing skateboarder did drop his pants, Navickas said."
seti: probably because they already were on his knees to begin with

porn proxy trojan

Surprise surprise online music download not killing music industry, says survey

simmo: only 500 users surveyed
simmo: "34 per cent .. were buying more music than ever before.. 38 per cent of heavy users .. buying less .. 28 per cent said their internet activities had not affected the number of CDs they bought"
simmo: "I can understand the difficulty of their position because file sharing is still illegal, so they can't endorse it. But we found album sales should improve if you promote your product on the internet. But the singles market will die. It has no future."
simmo: o/' and the last one now may be later to win,
simmo: for the times, they are a-cha-a-angin' o/'

sp2 for xp ready

RoboHuman: "Advanced Security Technologies" sounds funny coming from Microsoft.

ogg audio conference talks, including open media streaming, dirac

simmo: from European seminar on Free Software for Multimedia Streaming over the Internet 2004
simmo: although these are technical talks, much of the discussion is about patent issues

Aaaah look :) Microsoft's being nice! Can't we let it out of the box?

simmo: "smiley-face optimization," he says. "You can say anything to a girl if you put a smiley face or a wink after it" ;)
wmf: that's the burtonator all right
simmo: next page is kinda scary
simmo: <friendster> "We have a policy that we are not being hacked."

Three banks robbed in Iowa while Bush, Kerry in town

simmo: "In 29 years, I've never heard of three banks being robbed in one hour," Gano said. "We're not like the bank robbery capital of the world or anything."

Good plain english description of how email works, and international survey of email interception laws

simmo: re proposed legislation for Australian intercept laws removing normal intercept protections on any stored messages (SMS, email etc)
simmo: probably the only solution is to go back to what people said in 1997 - never connect any sensitive data to the internet, assume anything on the internet is public
simmo: and learn to live with the consequences
simmo: most of the impetus for this legislation seems to be white collar crime, rather than terrorism, and I would guess the white collar crime in question is substantially electronic crime
simmo: disconnect banks etc from the internet, problem solved
simmo: of course white collar crime could be used to finance terrorism, but then my aunty could be used to finance terrorism

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