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What can I say? Jesus is fucking metal.

Fu with dtrace

coderman: that was supposed to be 'fun', but 'fu' works.

Rick James is dead, bitch

simmo: see also

simmo: you guys are up shit creek
simmo: "voter-verifiable paper ballots for the state of California by 2006"

Photographs that I took last year but have only just got round to processing


RoboHuman: "The Home Office says all new passport photographs must be of an unsmiling face with its gob firmly shut because open mouths can confuse facial recognition systems."
RoboHuman: In related news, al Qaeda is now reported to be supplying its operatives with hash brownies, cos everyone giggles when high.

Intellectual Property & the AU-USA Free Trade Agreement 2004

Lycos sold to south korean firm for $95M?

RoboHuman: " Terra bought Lycos for $12.5 billion in stock in May 2002." Nice depreciation.

fcc adopts calea wiretap provisions for broadband voip

coderman: aw crap
coderman: <fcc> the carnivore servers are pretty loaded; let's have the ISP's handle some of it
kp: In the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Notice), the Commission tentatively concludes that CALEA applies to facilities-based providers of any type of broadband Internet access service – including wireline, cable modem, satellite, wireless, and powerline – and to managed or mediated Voice over Internet Protocol (“ VoIP”) services. These tentative conclusions are based on a Commission proposal that these services fall under CALEA as “a repla

A large chunk of MPEG4 audio is public domain, free to use for anything

simmo: thanks MIT

simmo: This is an evil and insidious disease, more indicative of the downfall of a corrupt empire than any war or nepotism
simmo: BEHOLD

Young males watching less teevee, and advertising's response.

mattthew: "I resent commercials - they make me push three buttons on my TiVo."
mattthew: Also features a reference to, describing it as "hilariously asinine."

TOR: An anonymous network protocol

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