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Alcoholics Anonymous: trade that addiction to liqour for addiction to cigarettes and coffee!

my favorite google queries

coderman: visa card number range query
coderman: coderman is full of lies!
coderman: Eeeeeee is the correct spelling of that mouse-squeaking noise
coderman: parties suck
coderman: which is related to my favorite pasttime: drunk alone
coderman: and when someone says you might have a problem, just point them toward this research that proves alcohol sharpens your brain

Are you crispy yet?

coderman: 7. Upon hearing rumors of layoffs, you pray, "Please, God, take me!"
coderman: 11. you bring a firearm to work every day and hope your boss comes by to pester you about some meaningless paperwork.


HP shipping linux laptops. Burton may win his dell bet yet!

The yagi antenna you just HAVE TO HAVE when looking for wireless at a presidential conference or dem/rep convention

coderman: i'm sure the secret service would find it amusing when you point this at a VIP.
coderman: <ss> oh, hahahah. that is funny. we're sorry we shot and killed your ass over an antenna!

Marijuana legalizers not giving up yet

Limiting brain damage with marijuana

coderman: w00t! i'm getting my medical herb card today...

Crazies see life and civilization in mars photos

coderman: <nasa> suuuure, banyan trees and subways. right. go eat some more acid you hippies.

mattthew: birds and sex
simmo: I say-I say-I say Boy!
simmo: Who would ever'a known that the counterpart to a cock is a pullet?!

mattthew: "Muslims in the UK have been given permission to consume soft drinks which contain minute traces of alcohol and pork products."
mattthew: Alcohol and pork products!?
dreww: = fun
simmo: given permissions ... by GOD?!

mattthew: "Big Blue will give the more than 500,000 lines of code for its Java-based Cloudscape database software to the nonprofit Apache Foundation. The move marks one of the largest donations of its kind to the open-source initiative and is IBM's first full commercial product granted to open source."

MEDICAL MARIJUANA : City gives business green light

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